Hi! I’m Rahul Nanda aka Rockafella. Thanks for stopping by!

Every since I was a child I had three passions and they were pretty clear cricket, movies and travel. Till my teenage years all I wanted to do was play cricket and represent India! And boy, was I good if I might say so myself. Why else would one of the biggest private schools in the UK give me a scholarship to come play for them. But all that came to an abrupt end when I got a injury and couldn’t play as good as I wanted to.

Completing my college in Mumbai I decided to take on my next passion that was the movies. It wasn’t hrad for me to land a job at India’s most well-known film magazine. I spent the next decade producing content for video, digital, print platforms, marketed films and celebrities at digital agencies and worked on multiple independent movies, corporate films and short films. It was here that I learnt and mastered the art of story telling.

My job took to me some of the most fascinating places in the world but because it was always for work I never got to meet the people or experience the foods, places and their cultures. It wasn’t until a solo trip backpacking trip to Himachal Pradesh in September 2013 that I realised how much I loves to tell stories about my travels. It started with sharing them on my social media platforms and afters years of getting a great response I decided to finally embrace my third passion – TRAVEL.

Now though this blog I take you on the adventures with me and give you an unfiltered view into my travels with anecdotes, information, tricks and tips that will help you! In my blog don’t expect long rants but to the concise posts with lots of photos and videos! 

Like he famous explorer Ibn Batuta once said, ‘Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller,’ and I couldn’t agree with him more!